Emergency Leak Repair: Safeguarding a San Francisco Classic

Project Overview:

This project involved an emergency leak repair on a historic Victorian home in San Francisco’s Castro District. The focus was on quickly addressing a sudden roof leak to prevent water damage to the home’s interior and historic features.

Challenges Faced:

Identifying the source of the leak in a complex, aged roofing system without causing further damage to the home’s historic structure presented a significant challenge, alongside the urgency to mitigate water damage during rainy weather.

Solutions Implemented:

Our team employed non-invasive detection techniques to pinpoint the leak’s origin swiftly. We then applied a high-quality, weather-resistant sealant and replaced damaged shingles with materials that matched the original roofing, ensuring the repair blended seamlessly with the home’s historic aesthetic.


The project was completed efficiently, stopping the leak and preventing interior water damage. The homeowner was relieved to see their cherished home’s integrity preserved, with the repair maintaining the roof’s appearance and historical significance.

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