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flat roof
Flat Roofing

Seamless Innovation: Flat Roof Revitalization in San Francisco

This project revolved around the comprehensive renovation of a flat roofing system for a historic San Francisco home, aiming to blend modern functionality with classic aesthetics. Located in the heart of the city, the property required a solution that could withstand the foggy, damp climate while improving energy efficiency.

Composite Roofing Upgrade for Coastal Charm
Compositing roofing

Composite Roofing Upgrade for Coastal Charm

Project Overview: This project involved upgrading the roof of a charming coastal home in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district with high-quality composite roofing materials, aiming to enhance durability and aesthetic appeal. Challenges Faced: The primary challenge was selecting and installing a composite roofing solution that could withstand the harsh coastal weather conditions while complementing the […]

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Roof Replacement

Restoring Elegance: The Victorian Home Roof Replacement Project in Haight-Ashbury

This project involved the complete replacement of the old, damaged roof with a new, high-quality shingle roof, along with the installation of new gutters and downspouts to ensure proper rainwater management.