Reviving Heritage: The Edwardian Era Home Renovation in Pacific Heights

Project Overview:

In the prestigious Pacific Heights, San Francisco, our mission was to revitalize an Edwardian era home, marrying its rich historical essence with the modern comforts of sustainability and efficiency. The project spanned comprehensive exterior restoration, an overhaul of the roofing system with a focus on energy efficiency, and the meticulous preservation of the home’s unique architectural details.

Challenges Faced:

Key challenges included adhering to strict historical preservation standards, sourcing materials that matched the home’s original aesthetics, and upgrading the infrastructure to meet modern safety and energy codes without compromising the home’s historical integrity.

Solutions Implemented:

To navigate these challenges, we collaborated closely with conservation experts and historians, employing advanced materials and techniques that echoed the original design while providing modern functionality. Special attention was paid to the roofing system, where innovative solutions were used to improve insulation and durability without altering the home’s iconic silhouette.


The project culminated in a stunning fusion of history and modernity. The home now stands as a testament to sustainable preservation, boasting enhanced energy efficiency, a return to its architectural glory, and a seamless integration of modern comforts. This restoration not only elevated the home’s aesthetic and functional appeal but also contributed to the broader narrative of heritage conservation in San Francisco.

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